When to visit Venice and Mestre?

11/23/2023 By Events Comments Off

Planning a vacation in Venice and its lesser-known neighbor, Mestre, is a fascinating undertaking. The date of your visit can have a huge influence on the experience, offering unique insights into the character of these fascinating places. How to Determine the Best Time to Visit Venice and Mestre reveal their charm in different seasons, each

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Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Venice

11/20/2023 By Events Comments Off

Imagine the timeless appeal of a city of canals lit up with twinkling lights, with the beautiful melodies of Christmas carols echoing through the narrow streets. Christmas and New Year’s Eve here are truly wonderful, with a unique combination of tradition and seasonal excitement. A festive getaway in Venice As winter approaches, Venice undergoes a

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must-see events in Venice

06/17/2022 By Events Comments Off

Avete mai visitato Venezia? Se la risposta è sì, saprete certamente che la città pullula di eventi annuali di grande bellezza e importanza. Vediamone alcuni…

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From Titian to Rubens

09/09/2019 By Events Comments Off

Enter the world of Flemish Art as the leading Flemish museums lend exclusive masterpieces to the Palazzo Ducale in Venice.

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